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Dr. Elliott is the co-founder of the Philosophic Psychology and is currently finishing his first book with Michael Elliott And Associates team.

Dr. Michael Elliott, owner of Michael Elliott and Associates


 Philosophic Psychology is a radically new form of psychotherapy created by Michael Elliott, which takes a bold and shameless approach to the therapy room. While new to the field of counseling psychology, the ideas upon which it is founded date back to the very origin of Western Civilization. Accordingly, it roots the practice of psychotherapy in the accounts of human psychology provided by Plato and Aristotle, as well as twentieth century philosophers Leo Strauss and Seth Benardete. It calls for a return to the soul.  


Philosophic Psychology: Counseling for the Cultural Crisis is the first in a forthcoming  trilogy of books by Michael, due out in late 2022.


Treatment and Nutritional Implications in Pathophysological Cascade of Minor Traumatic Brain Injury - Presented at Body Mind Conference in Orange County, CA

The Synchronicity of Ethics - Presented at IAAP-IAJS Yale conference paper to the  International Journal Of Jungian Studies, 2015

The Human Face of Psychology: How the “person-centered” in Rogers, the “Otherness of the Other” in Levinas, and Depth Psychology’s metaphorical discourse, affect the way we do psychotherapy and participate in the world - presented at American Psychological Association 2013

P.O.I.S.E. –Innovative strategies to enhance school performance using behavior management, effective planning, and study skills - invited speaker for private school conference in Orange County California, August 2009,  on applications of the POISE program; P-planning O-organizing I-initiating S-self-monitoring E- evaluate feedback. Program Curriculum created in 2007 to engage  and improve executive functioning and emotional response regulation.

Guest Teacher, Alliant University, November 2008; In Defense of Narcissism; Existential and Archetypal Perspectives on Minding the Gap  - presented recent work on the “Myth of Narcissus and Echo” articulating cross contamination of existential and archetypal perspectives in psychological theory.

Dr. Michael Elliott, Speaker, at a Speaking Engagement
Dr. Michael Elliott has been featured in numerous therapy publications and journals.


Dr. Elliott's publications include:

The Art and Soul of Couples and Family Therapy in the CAMFT publication, The Therapist, in June 2013, and This article re-roots Couples and Family Therapy in its artistic and soulful  origins. The root or archi of the field, as radical, that  is, radius or circling back to the origin that rekindles Family  Therapy its own soulful and artistic voice.  Gaston Bachelard (  1994), the great French philosopher of the imagination  quoting Jean Lescure, extols “An artist does not create the way he  lives, he lives the way he creates” (p. xxxiii). It is in the work of  the radical thinker and Soul Psychologist James Hillman and the  radical practitioner of Family Therapy Carl Whitaker that we turn   to for help in understanding these ideas. 

The Unmotivated Child: A Crisis in Perception, in The Sky Is The Limit, a bi-monthly journal for Learning Disabilities, in January 1998 addressing the needs of students with learning disabilities

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